The Third CATA Congress was held

CATA, 5 December 2020
The Third CATA Congress was held

Today was held the Third Virtual Congress of the Central Asian Triathlon Association (CATA), which includes the national triathlon federations of five countries - Afghanistan, Iran, the Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The Congress, which chaired by CATA President Mr. Galimzhan Yessenov, was attended by CATA members - first Vice-President of CATA Mr. Chyngyz Alkanov, Vice-President of CATA Mr. Farrukh Nassyrov, President of the triathlon Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran Dr. Mahdi Goudarzi and General Secretary of CATA Mr. Maxim Kriat.

During the Congress, participants summed up the results of the outgoing season, discussed development plans and the СATA event calendar for 2021. The participants of the meeting unanimously voted for joining to the СATA of the Tajikistan Triathlon Federation

represented by its Secretary General Iskander Sharipov. The sports director of the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation Sergei Maier was elected as a chairman of the CATA Sports Committee.

At the same time, the СATA calendar of events for 2021 was approved by voting. Also, the СATA members agreed to further develop a program for joint training of athletes and paratriathletes, create a network of training bases and hold joint training camps in the coming season.

"We can say with confidence that the pandemic could not break us and the whole triathlon family we overcame difficulties, continued to work hard, developing and popularizing triathlon in the regions. Today we see the result of this work - we accept a new member to our Association. The national triathlon Federation of Tajikistan joins to the ranks of CATA”, - said CATA President Galimzhan Yessenov.